How to Choose Elegant and Stylish Formal Dresses for Kids

Whether it is a birthday, festive occasion or a formal event, You want your little ones dressing fresh and elegant. Choosing their outfit can be exciting as well as challenging. Kids can be fussy about their outfit. They like to dress up and appear stylish but at the end of the day, they want to stay comfortable in the wear. 

Knowing that it is difficult for formal and comfort to go hand in hand, You need to find something that is comfortable and appeals to their style. We grownups too sometimes get in a dilemma of choosing a perfect outfit to wear that is suitable for the event and it goes the same when dressing up your little munchkins - Even when the dress codes don’t apply to them, Cause your champs deserves to stay ahead in fashion trends too!

With Variety of kids dresses online, Here’s KashKiya’s curated tips to find suitable wear for your little star to shine in the event.

Getting an Idea of the Occasion

Before selecting the formal attire, you need to get an idea of what event you are considering. Is it a semi - formal gathering, a black tie event, or a wedding dressy affair? This will entail the way you want your little one to look and pieces of clothes you can make them wear. 

By knowing the event, you can simply narrow down your options and easily select the outfit that adheres to the dressing code of the event. 

Formal Dress for Boys

A timeless and exquisite option is easily a royal black velvet suit that can give your little champ a sophisticated look and can adhere to any formal event whether it is a black tie event, wedding, annual function or gala dinners.

This is accompanied with a sparkling tie, shirt, pant and belt as complimentary bundle for the complete look. This elegant look is a perfect choice for formal attire that leaves a lasting impression.

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Get Playful with Patterns and Colours

Formal attires for kids never imposed limitations to just common earthy and bold colours only. Vibrant Hues and Playful Patterns can easily elevate their outfits and stand them out. Experiments with palettes, shades, patterns, ties, floral prints, bold shades and pastels. Add Unique accents to add a touch of uniqueness and boldness to their attire.

Kids dresses online allows you to look for an ocean of such designs and patterns for inspiration. Make sure the patterns and colours are suitable to the theme of the formal event.

Fitting Completes the Look

Kids' attires are generally bought baggy and oversized cause we all know these little ones can grow in a blink. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the CSS rule -

C - Comfort.

S - Size 

S - Style.

Choosing the right piece with keeping this rule in mind can help you select the perfect formal dress for your kid. If there still remains a doubt about the measurements, then you can always select one size up and get them altered.

Add Accessories

Accessorise the outfit to glam up the look. Use Children Friendly Accessories that are harmless and mix -match them to see which elevates the outfit more. Add headbands, tiaras, bracelets, ties, bowties and shoes to complete their appearance.

Remember, you should also look out for not over - accessorising, as it may overshadow the beauty of formal dresses for girls or formal dress for boys itself.

Stay up to date with Trending Styles

Fashion trends for children are ever changing, this also includes kid’s formal outfit trends. Get regular inspirations from blogs, fashion magazines, and social media platforms. 

You can also look out for changing trends in complementary accessories as well. From Trendy Fashionable Fabric Choices to New and Popular Colour Palettes - You can make a fashionable and stylish choice for your kids by being aware of the current trends.

Additional Tips for Styling the Formal Attires

Here are some additional tips that can help you in maintaining and styling formal dresses for your kid -

  • It is better to shop early as the popular and best dresses are sold out quickly.
  • Planning your Kid’s Outfit is necessary as in the last moments if it doesn’t sit right with your champ, you might have a replacement ready in advance.
  • Add Complements as it can complete the whole look of the perfect dress you have in mind.
  • Add an exquisite touch to your little princess’s outfit with hair complements. Hairpins, Dianas, Tiaras and ribbons can go well with their dress and give it an intricate detail.


In Conclusion,

With a combination of planning, comfort and fashion forward thinking - you can put together an exquisite and stunning formal attire for your kid. With a little planning and effort, you can create a memorable look for your little ones.

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