Welcome to Kashkiya's Organic Collection!

Discover the essence of natural elegance with Kashkiya's Organic Collection, a special range of kids' clothing crafted from 100% organic fabrics. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion is embodied in every piece of this collection, designed to offer both comfort and style.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic fabrics are kinder to the environment and gentler on your child's skin. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, our organic range ensures a safer and more sustainable choice for your little ones. Embrace the purity of nature with Kashkiya's Organic Collection, where fashion meets sustainability.

The Importance of Organic Fabrics

Environmental Impact

Using organic fabrics significantly reduces environmental harm, prioritizing the planet's health and ensuring a sustainable future.

Health and Safety

Organic fabrics prevent skin irritations and allergies, offering comfort and care for your child's delicate skin.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

By choosing organic, you support ethical farming, ecological balance, and biodiversity, benefiting the environment and communities.

Showcasing Different Types of Organic Fabrics in Kashkiya's Collection

100% Orange Fiber Fabric

Orange Fiber is a textile made by extracting the cellulose from the fibers that are discarded from the industrial pressing and processing of the oranges. The fiber, through nanotechnology techniques, is also enriched with citrus fruit essential oil. The the result is a vitaminic textile that nourish the skin like a not-greasy body lotion. This innovative idea has the potential to bring sustainability inside the textile industry, tackling the the environmental issue of the citrus waste production and bring job opportunities in a disadvantaged land.

The citrus sector is suffering and in general the labor market is stagnant, especially for young people. The project potentially can have important positive social and economic effects for the island. From an environmental prospective it is not less interesting. There is a massive production of citrus and consequently a production of waste materials from the industry, up to 700 tons per years. Orange fiber is offering a solution to the problem of reducing the amount of this materials.

100% Organic Aloe Vera Fabric

The main advantage of Aloe Vera Fabric is the finishing touches of Aloe Vera, It is very nourishing for the body, mainly for human skin.

The fabric is produced by innovative technology and is made of microfibers. Microfibers are half the diameter than the silk fiber, for an idea: A human hair is ten times stronger than microfiber. By its nature the very fabric reminds natural silk. Extra gentle formula provides extra fabric feel pleasant to the touch, is a lightweight, highly absorbent and thick and crease-resistant. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside, a large number of pores allow an easy evaporation of sweat. The fabric cools during the warm nights, and if you are cold on the contrary it warms. It features excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties. Microfiber fabric ALOE VERA Fabric is equipped with the final finish, which delivers exceptional fabric properties. The Aloe Vera acts as a natural purifier, as an anesthetic. Relieves pain, such as muscles, joints, etc. It is bactericidal when applied in high concentration for several hours in direct contact with the bacteria. The fabric can be disposed of viruses and is fungicidal under the same conditions as above. Its anti-pruritic, reduces bleeding, clotting temperature inflamed body parts. It is anti-inflammatory. It acts as a natural humidifier adds moisture to all layers of a human skin, enhances normal cell proliferation, thus speeding up the regenerative phase of the healing process. Aloe Vera is very nourishing for the body, mainly for human skin.

100% Organic Rose Petal Fabric

Rose Petal Fiber is another one of the new ‘vegan’ spinning fibers, made from roses. The Rose Petal Fiber has been extracted from the natural waste of rose petals. The fiber has been stripped and processed to create a luxurious and soft spinning fiber, similar to silk.

Rose Petal Fiber is very fine and quite slippery so it needs to be spun with a tight twist.

Rose Petal Fiber is made using the smallest whorl size wheel. Worsted spinning method uses a short forward draw, spinning from the top of the fiber bundle and carefully drawing out a small amount of fiber at a time and not letting the twist get into the fiber bundle.

These finely spun rose petal fiber yarns are also best if you also ply them. Plying takes a bit of extra time, but it helps to create a stable and balanced yarn that will not stretch and pull apart

Porous Fabric

Soft & Light

Anti Bacterial & Anti Allergic

Good for skin & Health

Protects against UV rays.

Strong and durable