How to Select Right Outfits for Kids During Festive Season?

Deciding right outfits for kids can be challenging but also adventurous as you can be creative with it, which is a plus. You might get overwhelmed with so many stylish and super cute combinations, but choosing the right size and your little one’s comfort is a top priority.

On special occasions where it is a bow tie event, you may need to put together a formal dress for boys or Christmas clothes for girls during the holiday's festive season. We have curated our top tips to help you pick the right outfit for your shining star to shine bright at occasions.

Comfort should be a foremost priority

Children tend to get playful and their outfits shouldn't restrict their movement, they should feel comfortable in it. Tailoring it too tight or keeping it more loose should not be an option as it can easily make them feel uncomfortable. For festive occasions, remember to select a decent formal dress for boys that fits rightly and makes them feel relaxed while also giving off a cool and sophisticated look. Choosing formal outfits for boys can be an easy task as you can always rely on a good suit and shirt combo for your boy to shine!

formal dress for boys

The Black Grace shirt is a stylish, classic and exudes royalty and elegance. Its soft and comfortable fabric is breathable that ensures comfort and does not restrict any movement. This classic shirt can be paired well with this beautiful velvet tuxedo coat to complete a showstopper outfit!

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Play with different patterns and styles

Kids' clothes have always been trendy and funky. In today’s day and age, there are thousands of different styles and patterns to choose from. After all, kidswear has always been more about fun in dressing to make them look good and flourish their cuteness. 

You can select a general scheme and look for cute patterns available. Style them according to the seasons, in winters layer them up to put together a stylish outfit that keeps them warm. Use jackets, sweaters and coats. You can accessorise further by adding in scarfs or beanies. In warmer months, you can get creative with it as long as the fabric isn’t itchy, always go for non itchy and high quality fabrics such as cotton and linen which are effective. They should feel comfortable to move around in them.

kids girls dresses

This exquisite lavender dress is a perfect blend of luxury look and comfort for your little one to feel like a princess the moment she puts it on. It is sourced from high quality 100% cotton ensuring a top notch and regal appearance. 

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Pay Attention to the Size

Children can grow quickly in the blink of an eye. So it is important to choose the right size that fits them and also allows them to roam around with enough movement. Consider measuring their waist and height regularly to get an idea on their fit size so that you can shop for their dress accordingly.

You can refer to a simple measurement guide as well. The following guide given below can get you an idea on what size clothes can fit your child well and they feel comfortable in them. Note that the size mentioned below are in centimetres (cm).

kids dress size chart

Be aware of what they like to wear

Sometimes, your little one will deliver signs all by himself on what he likes to wear. Note that their style preference can be changed every year depending on their likings, hence prefer to take their opinion while building a wardrobe for them. 

By allowing their opinion as well, it will better reflect their styling and taste and express themselves better. By making decisions for themselves, it allows them to build their self confidence and foster their independence, making shopping for them more exciting.

Stay updated with kids' fashion trends

The best way to get new clothing ideas is to stay updated with the newest kids’ fashion trends which helps you curate a beautiful wardrobe. You can get updates on newest drops and latest seasonal fashion trends easily which can help you decide on the right outfits for them.

You can seek inspiration from various fashion blogs on the internet, Facebook groups, fashion magazines, or joining online communities to always stay in the loop.


Choosing the right outfit for your kids does not have to be difficult if you keep in mind comfort and functionality is a priority, follow the latest trends, dress them up adequately according to the seasons, choose high quality fabrics and just have fun getting creative with it! 

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